Workplace Training

Workplace training can be implemented as part of a continuing education program and/or an informative, interactive, motivational presentation.

Natalie has developed a popular interactive Manual Handling Training Program that she can present on site at your workplace. She has been training and lecturing in the field of pain management, injury prevention, acute and chronic pain, health and well-being since she was 17 years old.

Natalie presents at local health clubs, schools, corporate functions and provides warm up and education sessions for local sporting clubs around NSW.

As a Personal Trainer, Physiotherapist and Doctor of Chinese Medicine, she has always taken a wholistic approach to health in general. She used to write a fortnightly column in the local newspaper called “Sports Health Talk” which addressed all areas of health and then moved onto the international stage lecturing for AOK Health as an educator in Pain and Injury management.

Natalie’s talks and presentations are always practical and motivating. She keeps it simple so people can walk away and implement useful strategies immediately. With over 23 years of clinical experience, Natalie believes in keeping it real! She has a very philosophical approach to health and wellbeing, focusing on small changes in the body and the mind to achieve great results.

Email to learn more about booking a training session.