Physiotherapy assists in a wide range of dysfunction, pain and injury.

Natalie will take the time to accurately assess the cause of your problem and devise a plan to help you manage it. Where appropriate, she will take a hands-on approach to reducing pain and improving physical ability through specific massage, mobilisation and/or manipulation, muscle energy techniques and postural and bio-mechanical correction.

Natalie has vast experience diagnosing and treating many conditions, such as: Sports Injuries, Chronic Back & Neck Pain, All Musculoskeletal & Neurological Disorders, Instability, Postural dysfunction, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Foot & Ankle Pain, Hand, Wrist & Elbow Pain and Headaches.

“The key to recovery and health is to remain mentally and physically proactive in your rehabilitation. Manual therapy is excellent in helping to relax muscles, reduce inflammation, improve joint range of motion and facilitate healing, but understanding what you need to do to maintain and improve the gains, will lead to your ability to better manage your pain and injury.” Natalie Simon